I have run a snack wagon at a motorbike shop for the past few years.

I have run a snack wagon at a motorbike shop for the past few years.

I am a biker myself and wanted to make my business the type of place that I would want to ride to, to stop off and get a cuppa and something to eat. A destination. We live in a beautiful environment with great biking roads. I have found that due to my attitude and consistency I have made it a success.

However, the greed of others has had a detrimental effect on my business, but fear not I thought, try a new site! I found the perfect site, a huge lay-by, with all the facilities that bikers and other road users need, its clean, safe and pretty.

However…..the fortune appeared not to be in my favour and now I stand to lose it all, so this is where you come in.

Please help me to make it possible, to make a new destination where bikers and the like are welcome. I know I can do this, I just desperately need your help.

I am a small business, I’ve been working really hard for the past three years…building, slowly, but then big business got involoved and got greedy, hiking rent up by 500%, pretty much ruining what I had. I was then given the opportunity to buy a new site, one that isnt seasonal, one that has so many opportunities, it just needs some hard work.

I’m not afraid of hard work and relish the challenge. I went to my business bank….that door was firmly slammed in my face due to the fact I dont have enough business experience.

I let the sellers know the situation, and believe it or not one of their family members offered to lend me the money with a monthly payment, to which I readily agreed…I knew that I could make that commitment.

Then the legal bit came in and stopped it, it would appear that legalities made it impossible for them to lend me the money. So then the option was for me to Rent to Buy, pay the same monthly amount for a fixed term with an option to buy at the end of the term, less anything I had paid. But, today…family got involved and won’t allow it.

So I am all out of options, and I have to say I am totally gutted. I know that I can make this work, but small business just cant get anywhere anymore, there are no options left. Do I give up? Yes…..and NO!

This is the last chance saloon, and do I feel that its a bit cheeky..yes, But I am stuffed if being cheeky is going to stop me trying. Thank you for reading this and an even bigger thank you if you are able to help. Su, xx

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